The Guide Turistiche delle Marche group is very glad to suggest the following compilation of itineraries to discover the Marche through many different points of view:


Ascoli Piceno

The so called “travertine marble town” has been preserving the charme of a magical place where the white coloured stone is the leitmotif of 2000 thousand years of local history. Ascoli Piceno, located at the southern edge of the Marche region, between Abruzzo and Lazio regions and crossed by the consular roman road Salaria, fascinates visitors thanks to the high number of its monuments and works of art that is possible to find in its churches, museums and ancient palaces.



Ripatransone is an ancient Piceni people site and it is placed in the erosion furrows area of the Piceno region. Strips of land of clayey soil because of the hills’slideland, make it a moon like landscape the local back country. Ripatransone is well – known for its narrowest lane all over Italy. It is a very small lane only 43 cm wide.


Montefiore Dell’Aso

Montefiore is a small town of the Aso’s river valley and it is one of the typical villages of the province of Ascoli Piceno that thanks to its geographical location overlooks the below river valley. As happens visiting towns and villages of the Marche region, it is easy to discover real, unkown and remarkable treasures of art and Montefiore is no exception to this.
Montefiore dell’Aso is one of the most important steps of Crivelli’s art itinerary where it is possible to visit the beautiful polyptich of Carlo Crivelli.


Montalto Marche

Montalto Marche is traditionally linked to pope Sixtus V who lived his childhood and youth in this town before entering the church. It was the main town of Montalto county set up by the same Sixtus V and including 13 towns. Montalto, still nowadays, seems to keep the pride marked by its most famous and outstanding fellow citizen.



Real jewel immersed in the green of its pine forests, orange trees and palms, the old town of Grottammare preserves an enchanting centre where the picturesque lanes and typical small squares are dominated by the imposing old castle.



Perched on the top of clay hills, the town of Offida shows us the original medieval town plan and it preserves a remarkable architectural style, art and craft tradition that makes it one of the most beautiful and unique of Piceno medieval villages.




MONTEFIORE DELL’ASO By Montefiore dell'Aso by, on Flickr
OFFIDA By pizzodisevo – Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Province of Ascoli Piceno
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